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Yoni massage


In a tantra massage, if you are a woman ☺, your yoni is also touched as part of your entire body. You may want to explore this area further.  For many women, tensions have arisen due to various experiences in the past, which have become embedded in the tissue in and around the yoni. Think, for example, of a painful birth, abortion, wrong comments and/or actions by a sexual partner, etc.
With a yoni massage, the body tissue is made free from tensions and over- or insensitivity in a respectful way and at your pace with gentle massage techniques. This concerns both the fabric on your outside and on your inside.

How does that work?  


As with any tantra massage, the back of your body is fully massaged first, so that you can relax. Then you turn around and slowly but surely more attention is given to your abdomen, lower abdomen, groin and inside legs and your yoni. On all those parts of the body there can be stagnant energy in the form of painful or hypersensitive or insensitive spots.  I pay attention to that in a gentle way.  I may be encouraging you to breathe a little deeper so that old tensions can more easily flow away. Or to use your voice, or words – whatever is most appropriate at the time.

When you are ready, and only after you give your consent, I slowly and carefully insert my finger into your yoni. This happens  always in consultation, and with the invitation to feel what there is to feel. That could be pain or sadness, but it could also be relaxation, pleasure and excitement, or you barely feel anything - it's all okay.  It is important that you give yourself permission to be open to your feelings and experiences. And the realization that you have nowhere to go or that it should be different. You always have the freedom to go along with the experience or step out of it, if you want to, for whatever reason.  But you can also allow all the different experiences and thus explore which feelings are present in that area of your body. Slow  and in accordance with you and with what is happening I then go deeper into the yoni to soften any tissue hardening there. That way there can be more space and relaxation in and around your yoni.

What can it bring you?

-A lively and flowing feeling in your pelvis
-Healing old pains
-Experience that your yoni is an integral part of your body
-Experiencing more pleasure during sex
-More powerful orgasms
-Experience more sensuality and freedom in intimacy

What we recommend is that you first have a `regular`  tantric massage before booking a special yoni massage. That way you can experience what it is like to be touched, you get to know us and our approach and you can surrender as much as possible to the yoni massage next time. You may also want to take multiple sessions to work on this.

A Yoni massage at Menso

why receive a yoni massage from a man?
It is often the case that tensions, frustrations and old pains in the area of the pelvis have come in contact with a man. By being touched during this massage with undivided attention and love, with a total respect for the boundaries that you indicate, those smaller or larger experiences can be healed, just by a man.



The massage lasts one hour. You can allocate a total of one and a half hours for the entire appointment, with the conversation before and after and possibly using the shower room.


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