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Four-hand massage for everyone


Four-hand massage

We bring you into deeper contact with the effervescent power of your body and mind through our unique four-hand massage. With our energetic hands and skilled techniques we alternate harmoniously between shiatsu (Japanese pressure point massage),  connective tissue massage, healing massage and above all a loving tantric touch. Both mental and emotional blockages can easily be released as a result. It can sometimes happen that a tear or a fit of laughter can be released.


Because we are well attuned to each other as a couple, we work supplementary, in-depth and integrate our joint touches tailored for you.

The four-hand massage offers the possibility of a feeling of well-being and flow. It is an experience that can penetrate deeply and you will feel relaxed afterwards and at the same time warm and lovingly charged. Because the sexual energy is also addressed, we bring you from a pelvic-heart connection to a broader experience of yourself: a deeper experience beyond the everyday.  

Our four-hand massage: an intuitive fluid dance over the landscape of your body. Feel carried and moved at the same time. We do all this with a meditative devotion.

We both give massages to both men and women. We welcome all genders and sexual orientations. 


An experience of this four-hand massage:

“I just wanted to thank you again for the session this afternoon.  All I can say is that I loved it!  My best experience yet!

When I think about it, all kinds of things come to my mind, like: it looks like a bit of art, there's some bodywork in it, it's orgasmic - with multiple highs and lows, it's super sensitive, it's emotional, it goes deeply, it touches me, there is something yoga about it, it is naturist, it feels free, it makes one, everything is one, it is something infinite, you let go completely but you are in something, it is spiritual, it is meditative, it's relaxing, it's soft and loving, there's harmony,... and so on... I'd love to come back regularly!"  




The possible intentions to experience a four-hand massage


° Exploring your erotic energy 

° Increase the capacity of your enjoyment

° Investigate guilt and shame and possibly let go of a piece

° Daring to indicate your limits and wishes while massaging (which can help to also do this during your lovemaking)

° Examining your body and sexual energy after surgery, gender change or transition, trauma, pregnancy, illness, new relationship or saying goodbye to an old one, etc.



° It is best to come by without sexual expectations, without purpose.

° Take into account a waiting period of one month.

The four-hand massage lasts one hour. You can allocate a total of one and a half hours for the entire appointment, with the conversation before and after and possibly using the shower room.  

Good to know: because in this case we work with two agendas and with yours, it can increase to 4 weeks compared to the waiting time of a tantra massage.  

This massage can be booked in Holsbeek or in Heusden-Zolder.

You can find the rates for our massages here.

A discount is given per person 25 when booking 3 massages. The discount is given with the third massage.

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