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We work with courage, integrity and attention


° It is our intentionsaction to remind you of the joyful openness that you really are
° We support you within a safe framework to explore your deeper layers 

° Your heart energy is connected to your sexual energy through your body consciousness

° Your and our boundaries are discussed before the treatment

°You receive & we give through "one-way touch"

 ° We work under the motto "pleasure heals"

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Menso Veerman

Welcome to Betantra 

Click on our images above to discover our vision and background.


Whether you come alone or as a couple: we like to pass on our tantra vision through our hands with tantra massages and through tantra experiences. We welcome all genders and sexual orientations.


The origin of the word tantra lies in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. “Tan” in Sanskrit means expansion, and “tra” means liberation. That pretty much sums it up.


Expansion of your ability to experience more deeply, and the possibility of liberation, in the deepest sense of the word.


Tantra invites you to live more attentively and in connection from your essence. Every step in that direction gives more joy in life and an increasing feeling of real freedom.

The unique thing about our tantra massages is that you are enabled to experience your heart energy in connection with your sexual energy, without having to exchange: it's all about your inner experience.


Betantra - Let's open up to joyful connection!

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