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"Hello Elise and Menso,

Really enjoyed it.. I laughed happily in the car for a whole ride home and then slept soundly! Your duality male female was the experience I was looking for now."


“My life needed a full and fulfilling life… it took an emotional clearing of things that have been there for a long time to make room for new experiences.

The tantra sessions with Menso are for me a path of blossoming and growing by connecting with myself. That is accompanied by pleasure, intimacy, lust and enjoyment and gives me strength,

joie de vivre, vitality and more love.

Desire is the engine to move forward, to get to know myself better and to find myself the effort to allow myself this.

In the sessions, fear, sadness and uncertainty are embraced - it can all be there and completely. Until now this was closed in myself. Because of the loving confrontation during the sessions with

softness, gentleness and intimacy I feel what no longer serves, but is still there. Slowly at the pace that felt safe to me, it was allowed to melt with my permission.

I'm learning to give 'enjoyment moments' to myself as a gift – that I feel that zest for life and pleasure can be there. Desire, lust and pleasure are beautiful vehicles to openness, joy of life and strength. I am learning to say to myself: I am worth living, I may exist; happiness is also my birthright!

In tantra I don't need to feel shame or guilt. When it arises in me I am invited to speak it – so that it no longer stirs inside me but can fly out of its cage like a bird.

Step by step and carried by the warmth, softness and love of Menso I go into a liberating intimate dance with myself and the world. The touches and dancing movements are so life-giving to me! Thank you for this…”


“I just wanted to thank you again for the session this afternoon.  I can only say that I loved it!  My best experience yet!

When I think about it, all kinds of things come to my mind, like: it looks like a bit of art, there's some bodywork in it, it's orgasmic - with multiple highs and lows, it's super sensitive, it's emotional, it goes deeply, it touches me, there is something yoga about it, it is naturist, it feels free, it makes one, everything is one, it is something infinite, you let go completely but you are in something, it is spiritual, it is meditative, it's relaxing, it's soft and loving, there's harmony,... and so on... I'd love to come back regularly!"  



"Lovingly, with intense and open attention, respectfully, with hands that are made for massaging. It has had an effect on me for a long time.

I'm going to give this to myself regularly!"


"I felt comfortable with Menso from the first massage. He is respectful, professional and loving. What I especially like is that he is so present in his hands. He not only touches my skin but my whole being and that really comes in. I feel seen and you also feel in the more intimate touches that Menso can attune very well. As a result, I dare to open myself and let myself be carried away by the energy that flows through my body. he gives is sometimes firm but feels good and after a more spicy piece there is always that soft touch that brings me back to a deep relaxation I found it all very exciting but now it feels like a journey of discovery where beautiful treasures are still lying on me wait. It's truly a healing experience."


" First of all, I would like to thank Elise for the energy she put into my session. Thank you for the trust. I must confess that I was a little nervous about this special massage. This was my first experience . I had no idea what would happen, what I would experience, feel, whether I would perceive anything at all.

What was very nice and reassuring that Elise went over and discussed the expectations and actions with me beforehand. You have control (or border demarcation) in your own hands. Still nice for a first time. So I wanted to try completely naked for better contact.

In my opinion this was a very pleasant experience. And have to say that no one outside of my friend/people from the sauna has ever seen me naked before. So this was new.

It was a very loving experience, warm. I even felt very small as a baby. It was so heartfelt, so intense, comforting. Every touch was so loving and welcome: even on the parts of the body I thought I would struggle with, such as the vaginal area. It felt warm and soft. Not at all as scary as we often think.  

Highly recommended and thank you Elise for the loving experience."




"Initially I had some resistance to a Tantra session at Menso. It seemed so erotic to me, I went to take a look on the internet, and the videos I saw there scared me off a bit. .  rather overstimulated, I have absolutely no problem with surrender, on the contrary. I wasn't sure if it would be for me, but I was curious. After a positive phone call with Menso, he told me that you can indicate what you want or don't want and that he would certainly take this into account.

From the moment I saw Menso I was reassured, I saw that it was good. His peace and lightness radiated from him, in his look, and I already felt  immediately at ease.

The session has worked wonders. Menso has a very strong sense of what I needed and what I didn't. He stayed 'still' in the right places through the laying on of hands, had a lot of gentleness for my body and was completely present. I didn't feel excited, just more and more relaxed. There was a current going there all my chakras. This gave a feeling of total peace and lightness in the end, just like what I saw in him at the meeting. It seemed like I could take off and I felt very happy and free. This seemed like a long time ago when I was a kid! I wanted to lie there for hours.

Now I can evoke this feeling in myself and it is a very big help in learning to deal with my troubled mind and heart. I had struggled for years with some kind of haircut around my heart of turmoil, and this was completely gone. I am very grateful to Menso and I definitely want to do another session!"


"There are those moments in your life that will stay with you forever. Because they touch you, because they touch you to the depths of your soul.

The tantric massage I received from Menso was one of those.

It was my first time, so exciting. Based on a photo and a text I decided that this man was the right person for me. And that turned out to be true on all levels. Menso is a man who radiates love in everything he says and does. I immediately felt completely at ease with him.

It was a barrier for me to lie naked on a massage table for a strange man who would also explore every part of my body. I expected a lot of shame and just as many painful thoughts in my head. But I got the exact opposite; Menso quickly and seemingly effortlessly brought me deep into my body with his divine massage,  to a place where only love dwells. I've never felt so "beautiful" as there and then, naked on the massage table... being pampered by a man who was once a stranger."


"Powerful and subtle,  light-hearted and profound. I'm glad I gifted myself this tantra massage."


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