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Tantra trajectory for couples


"Do you also feel that burning curiosity for more?"

Possible intentions to experience a tantra trajectory together


° Exploring and deepening your relationship dynamics

° examine your comfort zones and possibly make them a little wider

° Exploring your erotic energy

° Increase the capacity of your enjoyment

° Investigate guilt and shame and possibly let go of a piece

° Daring to indicate your limits and wishes during the massage and/or during the tantric structures together with your partner (which can help to also do this during your lovemaking)

° Examining your body and sexual energy after surgery, gender change or transition, trauma, pregnancy, illness, new relationship or saying goodbye to an old one, etc.

A sparkling ending arrangement for both of you


We offer you a trajectory of three sessions for you as a couple or occasional duo, with a discount if you book these at once. Instead of booking a separate session, we make 3 appointments: the first time you come by for a duo massage , a loving touch by us - and you choose who you want to be massaged by. The second time we dive into a long tantra experience for couples of 2 hours including a duo massage, after which we explore a whole range of tantric exercises and experiences. More information about the duo massage and the tantra experience can be found here - or view the same information below.  The third time, during a 2-hour tantra experience, we will further discuss the elements that most appealed to you or brought you the most, or gave you an uncomfortable feeling in which you want to explore further. This can lead to more insight into yourself and/or the dynamics in your being together.


Do you want to book a tantra experience three times instead of one duo massage and two tantra experiences? That is also possible for the route! See more info on the rates page what this means for the discount you get each time.

What do we offer you and why with us?

Do you like to take more time to explore after a duo massage ? For an extensive tantra experience, we offer an in-depth tantra experience for couples . We put together an enriching session of 2 hours - this can also be longer, with a pre-agreed hour and an adjusted rate.

We start the first session with a duo massage , where you are both massaged by us at the same time. This will bring you both into a wider experience of your body and being. We take the flowing and relaxing life energy released from this session with us in the exercises that follow, which provide more clarity and connection between you.
In a follow-up session, the duo massage can be used again, but we can also look at alternatives in consultation, such as deepening the exercises from the previous session, and other options. A single session can of course also suffice to be able to experiment further within your relationship for the time being.

After an introductory conversation in which we discuss your wishes and limits, during this tantra experience we will emphasize on curious experience instead of using a therapeutic approach. We often notice that body-oriented exercises help not to go into thinking, which is often already in the foreground. By diving into the experience unbiasedly, new sensations can suddenly be revealed that can form the basis of a refreshing new period in your relationship.

We both give tantra trajectories to both men and women. We welcome all genders and sexual orientations. 



Our intention

Our intention is to offer an awareness and deepening of your being together in a direct and simple way, with our authentic, playful no-nonsense approach. It will help you refresh your unique relationship with a newfound dynamism. Sometimes confrontational, often pleasant, while maintaining the boundaries that are clearly discussed beforehand.

We both have a lot of experience in experiencing the partner relationship consciously and deeply. We find it enriching and refreshing to exchange massage, connecting yoga postures, tantric breathing exercises and/or a game of exploring desires and boundaries. We notice every time that we can really meet each other. We think this is too good to keep to ourselves.


If you have the desire to explore together, then this is certainly a wonderful invitation for a special afternoon or evening at our practice. We provide a warm cozy atmosphere with the candles lit.  


What can you expect within a tantra experience

° Tantra massage techniques that we teach you

° Breathing and contact exercises

° Touch exercises within the relationship dynamics: "give and receive, allow and take"
° Exploring boundaries and daring to indicate. A no sometimes gives more room for what is possible.
° Discover the erotic blueprints in yourself and your partner. A creative rediscovery!
° Dive into the shadow side of your persona. Where lies shame and how to make it a strength, with safe 

erotische blauwdrukken

Erotic blueprints trajectory


If you would like to explore your erotic blueprint then this can be included in your tailor-made tantra program. Menso Veerman and Hanne Desmedt (colleague for the erotic blueprints) explore all erotic blueprints within safely demarcated exercises with you. We only guide, you do the workconnections with each other. If you came here via the link at the top of the menu, be sure to read this page from top to bottom for the general structure of a tantra journey for couples. 

If you have the desire to explore together, then this is certainly a wonderful invitation for a special afternoon or evening at our practice. We provide a warm, cozy atmosphere with the candles lit. 


Also check regularly for updates on possible group workshops for couples that Hanne and I guide on the theme of erotic blueprints. 

“What are erotic blueprints?” These are different approaches with which you can seduce, warm up and open each other. We are all wired differently with a preference for being touched.  The key is to find out with your partner in a playful way how you can stimulate yourself and each other through these different gates. Sometimes first through one gate to another, after which you can meet each other more easily in the game of love.

Sexologist Miss Jaiya has discovered in her practice that these gates can be roughly subdivided in:





-Shapeshifter (all four combined)



For the two duo experiences - two of 2 hours - you may take 2 x 2.5 hours, including the conversation before and after and possibly using the shower room. Discover the discount on thprices page. To confirm this process, we ask you to transfer the total amount before the first appointment. It is not necessary to reserve both dates at once, but we recommend leaving a maximum of one month between appointments. If you want to leave less time in between, we recommend that you look for both dates with us in advance, due to our waiting time.

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