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Tantra massage


Our tantra massages offer you something special: a loving and respectful touch with a lot of attention and without restraint. Touches that make you feel deeply seen and felt in who you really are. A healing experience.


A tantra massage can help you heal your injuries sustained during intimacy and sexuality. And/or a celebration of flowing and loving pleasure. It makes the contact with your own body stronger and fuller.


This massage is all about you, your pleasure, your relaxation, your journey of discovery. The massages are not sexual massages with a happy ending: massaging the sex is part of the whole but does not take over. We see your gender as one of the multiple energy sources of your body, where blockages can be removed, or where energy can be generated and spread throughout your body. What is essential is your intention for this massage.


If you are looking for a sexual experience, we would be happy to refer you to others.

Be sure to read below about the process of a tantra massage. You can find the rates for our massages here.

A discount is given per person 25 when booking 3 massages. The discount is given with the third massage.


All genWe welcome different people and sexual orientations.Within the veWe also provide some of the massages four-hands- and duo massages.



Tantra Awakening Massage - Session of approximately 2 hours


In this extended tantra massage  we combine the use of deeper massage techniques with breathwork. This is a possibility, not a necessity. You are invited to use your voice in a way that feels comfortable for you. This is to awaken your emotional, sensual and spiritual energies and use them fora deeper sexual experience in your life.


It is based on the work of Barbara Carrellas, the author of Urban Tantra and offers you the opportunity to experience your pleasure and pleasure more intensively. Not only during the session - you may also notice afterwards that your capacity to experience sexual pleasure has increased.

There is the possibility verbal interaction is between you and us. For example, we encourage you to keep breathing. We regularly ask what you are feeling in your body right now. It is even more of a co-creation - we createtogether.

What can you expect

More tangible flow in the pelvis and heart area, possible discharges of deeper feelings, energetic orgasms, a liberating feeling in certain body parts and in your mind - or something you don't know yet.

Of course there is a conversation in advance in which we agree on your boundaries and desires, as well as your intention. So that you get a session tailored to what you want to investigate and experience.

In total you can spend about 2 hours for the whole
Tantra awakening massage session, with the conversation before and after and possibly using the shower room. 


You can find the rates for our massagehere. 

A discount is given per person 25 when booking 3 massages. The discount is given with the third massage.

The possible intentions to experience a tantra massage

° Rediscover or strengthen a sense of intimacy or grounding in yourself

° Exploring your sexual energy, linked to your heart energy

° Increase the capacity of your enjoyment

° Investigate guilt and shame and possibly let go of a piece

° Daring to indicate your limits and wishes while massaging (which can help to also do this during your lovemaking)

° Examining your body and sexual energy after surgery, gender change or transition, trauma, pregnancy, illness, new relationship or saying goodbye to an old one, etc.

How does a tantra massage work?

During a tantra massage your entire body is touched, including your pelvic area and your gender. After all, you can only really experience your body as a whole if everything is massaged with the same intensity. This makes a tantra massage a profound experience that gives you a feeling of coming home to yourself both during and after the massage.  


Attention is given to the connection between your heart and your gender. An open flow between those two areas often gives a fulfilling feeling. For some people, it doesn't come naturally to deeply connect their sexuality with their feelings of love and affection. During the massage, attention is also paid to this, which creates more balance and deepens your joie de vivre.


During a tantra massage, respect for your and our boundaries is extremely important. You can only relax completely when you are 100% sure that nothing will happen that you do not want. In principle, we work from the concept of one-way touch, whereby we give and you receive.


However, with Menso, if there is sufficient experience with tantra, research can also be done about what it would be like if we would do more connection exercises or meditations, before or during the massage. This involves sincere communication, whereby the boundaries are clearly discussed in advance. If you would like to dive into this a little longer, you can taste it during a longer tantra experience of 1.5 hours at Menso.

At Elise, an extra half hour or hour can be booked if you have a specific question about de-armouring (softening physical/emotional blockages in your body), linked to the tantra massage. The full massage then takes 1.5 hours or 2 hours.

See the rates page for more info.

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