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Elise Berkvens

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Aanbod bij Betantra:

° Vier-handen massage

° Duo massage

° Duo beleving

° Tantra traject

Elise haar tantra aanbod op:

Praktijk: te Heusden-Zolder,nabij Hasselt, Limburg

Levenslustig, transparant, veilig & authentiek

Let's introduce myself...

I connect with you in an authentic and transparent way, to see where you can allow more joy of life and relaxation through the way of your body . I work with a balance of knowledge through numerous training courses and intuitive action. I invite you to be curious about your possibilities and your emotional world. Through the attentive touches, deeper aspects of yourself (shadow sides or other hidden treasures) can be brought to the surface.  Through that expansion, your true power can flow to the fullest.


In the current period of my life I often feel vital and full of life. I fully enjoy my loving partner relationship, friendships and family. I also like to withdraw to myself every now and then. But of course it hasn't always been like this :-)


Early on in my life I became aware of the fact that life is in constant change. And noticed that I found it difficult that I couldn't get a grip on that. Through trial and error, I learned that I could keep up with those changes. As a result, a new experience of my inner and outer world came. Tantra, shiatsu and yoga have helped me ever since to let go. The blockages I had built up in my past have become softer and more recognizable. I feel freer and freer: more whole instead of fragmented. It is therefore a matter of working with the body through movement, breathing & sound instead of thinking that the solution only lies in our body to look for the cause. Insights are often released automatically by activating body awareness, resulting in more body joy.

My aptitude for wonder and to dare to be open to life is still growing. I love to play with dimensions in my paintings. I also like to feel the life energy flowing in my body when I do yoga, connect with people and nature, or... touching you through a tantra massage... I love that! Through this way I can let my inner strength flow and I use it with great love and pleasure for you.

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Trajectories 2018 to 2022:


° Urban Tantra ® Professional Training, Brighton UK - Certificated, by Barbara Carrellas - 2022

° Conscious kink & shadow tantra - Kinky couples training, London UK, by Seani Love - 2020
° Erotic blueprint training, by Miss Jaiya & partner Ian - 2020

° Shakti & Shiva Honoring & Massage - Tantra Massage Training, Bristol UK, by Gayatri - 2018/2019
° Pelvic release / sexual de-armouring training for yoni & lingam - 2018

Masterclass Restorative yoga - Psoas, Dru yoga - 2020, Energetic treatment, Sittard NL, Annemiek Douw - 2019,Partner yoga teacher training, Amsterdam NL, Rainbow yoga - 2018

Courses 2005 to 2016:

°Shiatsu C3 practitioner & Craniosacral therapist & Foot reflexology program / 4 to 5 years

°Dru yoga Professional Teacher Training / 2 years

°Master & Post Graduate in Visual Arts / 6 years

Trajectories 2007 to 2016:

Kinesiological testing / advanced, Organ AI massage from TCM, Vipassana 10-day meditation, Reiki II

Teacher in:
° Dru yoga & Partner yoga & Meditation: private, group lessons & team building & Tantra festival  >10 years

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